Access to and use of the QR-Horse Service is subject to the following Terms and Conditions and presupposes the user's prior and informed consent.

1. ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda makes available to the user the QR-Horse Service (QR-Horse Board and QR-Horse Web) in accordance with the general conditions of adhesion defined in this document:

2. The features referred to in the previous number allow access to the following services:
2.1. QR-Horse Web
- Insertion of the name and data/photo related to the horse's pedigree;
- Insertion of video and/or photo of the horse;
- Logo insertion;
- Visualization, by reading a qr code, of the information mentioned above;
- Sharing the QR-Horse Web Service page.
2.2 QR-Horse Board
- Acrylic plate of 130x115x3mm, printed, personalized*, containing data entered by the user (example: horse name and logo) and qr-code that directs to the Qr-Horse Web Service.
* as it is personalized and made to order, it is not subject to return or refund of the amount paid.

3. The use of the QR-Horse Service is paid and non-payment implies the impossibility of entering new data, as well as editing data already registered and viewing the information contained in the qr code.
3.1 The non-renewal of the service, upon payment of monthly/annuity, causes the user to immediately block access to information and within 30 days after the lack of payment, the data will be deleted.

4. Access to the QR-Horse Service and its features requires Registration (Login).
4.1 Registration is carried out on the website www.qr-horse.com of the QR-Horse Service with the introduction of the user, password and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
4.2 To protect your QR-Horse Service account, keep your password confidential

5. The user may, at any time, revoke the access granted and demand the erasure of all personal data provided for the respective membership.

6. ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda reserves the right to change the functionality of the services, as well as suspend or terminate access to the services or request confirmation of any element provided by the user when there is any inconsistency.
6.1 The QR-Horse Service is merely a system that facilitates the insertion/viewing and sharing of data and images, and ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda is not responsible for the attached content. It is up to the user to keep himself informed about the legislation in force.
6.2 ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda is not responsible for any changes in the legislation for publishing data and images.
6.3 If we reasonably believe that any of your content violates this contract or may harm ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda, our partners, users or third parties, or that it contains pornographic, vexatious and/or prejudiced content, we reserve the right to remove part or all of said content, or to permanently suspend the QR-Horse Web Service. You will receive a notice justifying such action, unless we reasonably believe that such notice:
(a) would violate the law or the instructions of a law enforcement authority or otherwise put ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda or our partners at risk of being legally liable;
(b) would compromise an investigation or the integrity or operation of the Service; or
(c) would cause harm to any user, to another third party, ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda or to our partners.

7. Access to services will be suspended when the user does not pay for the service, charged by monthly or annual fee and automatically renewed, upon payment;

8. In the event of suspension of access to services under the terms of the previous point, the user may request the reactivation of access by email to contato@animaltechsolutions.com, after payment of the monthly fee and/or annuity due.

9. The user undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the access key and to prevent its abusive use by third parties, assuming full responsibility arising from the use of the services by him and by third parties.

10. ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda reserves the right to change these general conditions of membership, considering that the changes are accepted by the user as long as the user, after having been sent the respective communication, expresses his consent and continues to use the services.

11. The insertion of data and images carried out within the scope of the services provided through the QR-Horse Service are presumed to be carried out by the user, ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda declining any responsibility arising from the abusive or fraudulent use of the information obtained.

12. The elements and information transmitted by the user to the QR-Horse Service, through the means provided by the service, will enjoy full legal effects, equivalent to the authentication of the user to access the subscription services, to fulfill the obligations assumed in this way.

13. ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda adopts the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the privacy of personal data and the exercise of the rights of users of the services.
13.1 ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda processes the user's personal data necessary for access and registration in the QR-Horse Service, to identify and communicate with the customer.
13.2 Personal data are processed in accordance with the user's informed consent, expressed through the validation of an option on the QR-Horse Service website, and are kept by ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda only for the period necessary for the purpose for which it is used. intended or for the fulfillment of legal obligations of ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda.

14. ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda is not responsible for the risks associated with the use of the services, including the insertion of erroneous, incomplete or misleading data/images, on purpose or not, technical deficiencies or interferences that occur in communication systems and computer networks. external.

15. The user has the right to access, rectify, oppose, erase their personal data, which may be requested by email to: contato@animaltechsolutions.com
15.1 ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda reserves the right to keep data collected under legal authorization, for the period necessary to exercise the respective rights or to comply with legal obligations to which it is subject.


Unless otherwise noted, ATS - Animal Tech Solutions Lda owns the intellectual property rights for all material on the QR-Horse Service.
All intellectual property rights are reserved.
You may view and/or share the data entered, subject to restrictions set out in these terms and conditions.
Should not:
1. Sell, rent or sublicense material from the QR-Horse Service;
2. Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from the QR-Horse Service;
3. Redistribute content from the QR-Horse Service.

Legal guarantee

If you are an EEA-based consumer and have accepted our Terms and Conditions, EEA consumer laws provide you with a legal guarantee covering the digital product or services we make available to you. Under this warranty, we are responsible for any non-compliance you discover.


By law, consumers have certain rights that cannot be excluded or changed by a contract. Nothing in this contract affects those rights you may have as a consumer. In addition to what is expressly provided for in this contract or required by law, ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda does not make any specific promises about the QR-Horse Service. For example, we make no further promises regarding: the content provided through the QR-Horse Service; the specific features of the QR-Horse Service or its accuracy, reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs; or that any content you submit is accessible or stored on the QR-Horse Service.

Limitation of Liability

Nothing in this agreement is intended to exclude or limit any party's liability for death or personal injury; fraud; fraudulent misrepresentation; or any liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda will not be liable for:
1. for losses that have not been caused by the breach of this contract by ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda;
2. for any loss or damage that was not, at the time of entering into this contract between you and ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda, a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the breach of this contract by ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda; or
3. for content posted by any user, or for any user's defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct.

Third Party Links

The QR-Horse Service may contain links to online services and third-party websites that are not owned or controlled by ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda. ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda does not control or assume any responsibility for these websites and online services. Please be careful when leaving the QR-Horse Service, we suggest that you read the terms and privacy policy of each third party website and online service you visit.


ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda may transfer all or part of this agreement to a partner or, if ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda is sold, to a third party.


ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda accepts payments by the means indicated before purchase. You must have a valid and accepted means of payment on file in order to purchase QR-Horse Services. ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda will charge your credit card or any other form of payment for the price stipulated at the time of purchase of the QR-Horse Service. If you purchase any auto-renewing subscriptions, you accept that ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda will debit you the amount due for the service through the selected payment method that will be stored respecting European legislation, on the first day of each billing period for the subscription in question, and if the selected payment method becomes invalid due to an expired credit card or other similar reason and we are unable to charge you for the next billing period, you may not be able to access the QR-Horse Service until to update your payment method. When possible, you will be notified of this occurrence. If you do not update the information regarding the payment method within a reasonable period of time, ATS – Animal Tech Solutions Lda may cancel your subscription.
As previously mentioned, the QR-Board acrylic board is customized and made to order, therefore it is not subject to return or refund of the corresponding amount, except in the case of a manufacturing defect.


If you purchase a subscription to the self-renewing Qr-Horse Service, it may be canceled at any time before the end of the current billing period and the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current billing period. You will retain access to the QR-Horse Service for the period between the time you cancel your subscription until the beginning of the next billing period and will not receive any refund or credit for the remaining days in your current billing period.

If you have requested the performance of services during the period for exercising the withdrawal, you will be obliged to pay a price that will correspond to the service that has been provided to you up to the date you have communicated your intention to exercise the aforementioned right, and in proportion to the total contract period.