When use QR-Horse?

Scan the qr-code

Looking for an easier way to access your horse's information?
With QR-Horse, you can control all your horse information such as blacksmith, vet, horse work, etc...
Enjoy QR-Horse - the new way to access it in seconds...

Info in your hand

Have all your horse information such as plannings, blacksmith, veterinary, work, field, breedings, videos and results just by reading the qr code and/or logging in to the client's area...

Info easy to share

When we share breedings and videos of several horses, it usually becomes a mess.
With QR-Horse you can send all this info together by whatsapp or messenger (horse name, breedings, videos and results), making it easier to view, improving the presentation and converting in more sales....

How is your QR-Horse?

QR-Horse board

QR-Horse web

QR-Horse board

QR-Horse web

How is your Smart rack?

QR-Horse bridle rack

QR-Horse rack

Multiple color options

Easily exchangeable front

How to replace your whiteboard?

QR-Horse board

QR-Horse web

QR-Horse planning board

QR-Horse web

How use QR-Horse?

Customizable board

The QR-Horse Board is customized by each customer in the client area according to your needs. You choose the backroung color, name(optional), logo or photo of the horse.
We have horse boards and planning boards...

Intuitive system

QR-Horse Web is intuitive and easy to use. Info can be added/changed in seconds directly from your phone using the qr-code or through the client's area....

Have our services

It's very simple, you can choose between monthly or annual fee, you customize your board in the client area, we produce it and send it to you. You can also have a web plan without a board.

How is the client's area?


Photos, videos, breedings, results and much more...

QR-Horse web


Photos, videos, breedings, results and much more...

Plan and control your horses



Horse work


How is your stable assitent?

Free alerts to help you to plan your day

Have an organized routine

Free alerts to help you to plan your day

Next day planning

Alerts before your plans

Alerts after undone plans

How your board will be?

QR-Horse Board

Uploading changes
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Option: use a photo of your horse's head
.jpg and .png accepted

Do like some of our customers!

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