When use QR-Horse?

Scan the qr-code

Looking for an easier way to access your horse's information?
Enjoy QR-Horse - the new way to access it in seconds...

Info in your hand

Are you with a customer and have to keep looking for horses information? With QR-Horse, he can scan the qr-code and see all the information at once...

Info easy to share

Send all the info together by whatsapp or messenger (name, breedings and video), making it easier to view, improving the presentation and converting in more sales....

How is your QR-Horse?

QR-Horse board

QR-Horse web

QR-Horse board

QR-Horse web

QR-Horse web

How use QR-Horse?

Customizable board

The QR-Horse Board is customized for each client according to your needs and can contain the horse's name(optional), logo or photo of the horse....

Intuitive system

QR-Horse Web is intuitive and easy to edit. Info can be changed in seconds directly from your phone using the qr-code or in the client area....

Have our services

It's very simple, you customize your board in the client area and we produce and send it to you. You can choose between monthly or annual fee...

Do like some of our customers!

QR-Horse board Edgar M
QR-Horse board Nevados S
QR-Horse board David

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